Food like from your Mother's hands!

Health-conscious meals, using olive oil and no aluminium pots in the kitchen!

The right Food
For your Body Type!

Check your Dosha and eat accordingly!

In our menu card you find a description of the Ayurvedic doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha - and our menu shows you which dish is good for which of these body types! You can eat exactly what is good for you!

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Italian Pizza
from Wood Fire Oven

Enjoy the real Taste of Italy!

Thin-base pizza with herbs imported directly from Europe - all prepared freshly and baked in our traditional Italian Wood Fire Oven! Try and taste how pizza tastes in its original!

Eating the Ayurvedic food at Ammaji's was really a unique experience for me! Never had I felt so good after a dinner in a restaurant! It really is as though my mother is cooking her dishes for me - you can feel the love in the food prepared, in the atmosphere of the restaurant and in the excellent service of the staff!
- Stefan from Germany

A unique Restaurant-Concept

At Ammaji’s you have the choice in between regular food and something different: organic, Ayurvedic food. Grown completely naturally, guaranteed without chemicals or pesticides and by Indian organic farmers. Additionally, you will get tips on which food is best for your body type according to Ayurveda! Follow our tips and stay healthy through food!



At Ammaji's you get all your favourite Indian dishes from South-Indian Idli and Dosa to a full Thali. Everything regular or organic - and there are some Ayurvedic surprises waiting for you!



Whether you are Indian and developed a taste for Western food or a traveller with yearning for something you eat at home - our kitchen will satisfy all your food-cravings! Pizza, Salads, Pasta, Mac & Cheese - you name it!



Deliciously baked breads, cakes that make your mouth water and of course specialties like pretzels, croissants and more! Take a bite and get a taste of Germany in India!



For the creamy taste of real gelato, you don't need to go to Italy! At Ammaji's you can enjoy home-made ice-cream from natural ingredients without the chemicals and preservatives of the ice-cream you otherwise can buy here!

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